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  • All rents quoted are per calendar month payable monthly in advance.
  • The rent quoted excludes all outgoings unless specifically stated, water, sewage charges, gas, electric and Council Tax are payable in addition by you the tenant. If you wish to clarify these matters by all means contact our office who will be pleased to make specific enquiries on your behalf.
  • Pets are not permitted to be kept upon the premises without prior written consent. Where consent is given either an additional amount to the deposit will be required or an undertaking that the carpets and floor coverings are professionally cleaned prior to vacation. Reference to this will be made within the tenancy agreement and again you should discuss this with our office.
  • An application to be considered as a tenant should be made by completing our Tenancy Application and Referencing Proforma’s, which can be obtained through either of our branch offices. This should be completed in full and returned to the relevant office. Before submitting the application you will be asked to provide a verbal indication of your salary and income. This will allow our office staff to quickly establish whether your income to rent ratio for the subject property is sufficient to warrant you submitting and paying for your application to be processed.
  • Upon submitting your application you will need to make a payment of £100 (incl. VAT) for an individual and £125 (incl. VAT) for joint tenancy application, to ourselves as agents to cover the cost of enquiries by a Credit Reference Agency and administration of your application.  (Please be aware such payment is non refundable should you either change your mind or your application is rejected due to poor credit, poor landlords reference etc..)
  • Prospective Tenants receiving Housing Benefit may not always be considered for certain properties offered through Leonards Letting Agency. This can be confirmed prior to submitting an application.
  • Smoking within any property let through Leonards unless specifically accepted by your landlord prior to the commencement of your tenancy will not be permitted.
  • Unless otherwise stated properties are let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, under the Housing Act 1988 for a minimum fixed term of six months.

Procedure Following Acceptance of Applications:

Acceptance by Leonards of an application for a particular property does not imply or give any warranty that your application will be successful. You are strongly advised not to make any arrangements regarding the tenancy until:

  • Suitable replies to our enquiries with regard to your references have been received. Consequently you may be requested at the discretion of the Landlord or Leonards to provide a Guarantor for the rent.
  • You have received written confirmation from Leonards that the proposed letting of a particular property has been accepted.
  • We the Agent will normally agree with you a suitable day/date from which the tenancy is to commence. We may also ask you (to show your intent in taking the tenancy) at this time by paying the dilapidations (security) deposit/bond, details of the level of deposit being given in the table below, otherwise you will have to pay this upon signing the tenancy agreement and before you move in to the property.
  • The purpose of the dilapidations (security) deposit is to protect the Landlord against loss of rent or damage to the property during the tenancy itself. The Housing Act 2004 has made provision for both the protection of tenancy deposits and the resolution of disputes over their return.
  • Any Landlord or Agent who takes a deposit from a tenant for an assured Shorthold Tenancy must safeguard that deposit in an approved scheme. As Agents we are members of a Deposit Protection Scheme under which all deposits must now be registered. An explanatory leaflet will be issued as part of our service and you will also be required to sign in addition to the tenancy, the Tenancy Deposit Protection Prescribed Information (Housing Act 2004) agreement. Any amount of interest accrued whilst monies are held by the Agent will be offset against administration costs and charges, levied by the bank.
  • A detailed inventory usually in DVD format of the condition of the property and any furnishings, where the property is let furnished, will be prepared which will also be signed upon commencement of the tenancy. You will need to check this when you move in to the property. If you feel any amendments are necessary then you will need to notify our office within 10 days of you signing the inventory Schedules II & III Notification Form. An inventory charge will be levied and payable by the tenant(s) upon signing the tenancy and deposit agreement documentation the amount being detailed in the scale below.
  • All future rental payments are per calendar month in advance (unless otherwise confirmed in writing) and will normally due on the anniversary of each monthly period. The preferred method of payment would be by standing order from your bank and a bank mandate will be offered to you for completion upon signing the tenancy. Your tenancy may be at risk if for any reason payments are not received on or before the date the rental falls due.
  • Upon signing the tenancy you will be committed to the term agreed (usually six months) even if your circumstances change within this period. The tenancy will not automatically terminate upon the six month anniversary, unless the requisite notice has been given to you by your landlord or us as the agent. Should you wish to vacate upon this anniversary we would request you notify our office of your intention to leave the property at least one month prior to the tenancy end date. If you do not intend to vacate and the landlord has not served you with a notice to quit, the tenancy will revert to a Statutory Periodic Tenancy upon the same terms as the Assured Shorthold Agreement. Should you wish to vacate following expiry of the original term then you will need to give a minimum of one months written notice to terminate the tenancy upon the term date (i.e. the date your rent is due). Conversely your landlord would be required to serve you with a minimum of two months notice should they require the property back again ending on the term date. You may be asked to sign a further six month agreement or the tenancy may be allowed to continue on, on a rolling monthly basis. At this time the landlord or Leonards would reserve the right to review the rent or vary the terms of the agreement.

The Following inventory charges and level of deposit will be payable by you as Tenant(s)

Inventory & Condition Schedule Charge
Property Type Charge Incl. VAT
1-2 Bedrooms £35.00
3-4 Bedrooms £55.00
5 Bedrooms + £75.00
Rental PCM Deposit Payable
Up to £450 Same as rent
£450 - £550 Rent + £50.00
£550 - £750 Rent + £100

For properties over with a monthly rental over £750, please check with office

NB For furnished or part furnished properties please check with the office for costs

  • If you are unsure of what payments and charges you will have to make before committing to take the property, please make contact with our office and a member of our staff will be pleased to clarify this for you.

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