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Procedure Following Completion of Tenancy & Deposit Agreement

The following notes are not exhaustive and are provided for your guidance as tenant(s) of a property being complimentary to the terms as stated in the tenancy agreement, which will take precedence over this list. You are strongly advised to read the tenancy agreement before making a legal commitment and signing the Tenancy. Advice should be sought from a suitably qualified solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau if you are uncertain about any matter in relation to renting the property.

  • You will be provided with two full sets of keys to the property and any security codes for an intruder alarm, which may be installed in the property. In addition you will be provided with any details that we hold with regard to the operation of any appliances, fixtures or fittings, which remain in the property.
  • In addition to signing the tenancy and rent deposit/bond agreement you will also be provided and asked to sign a copy of the property Condition Fixtures and Contents Schedule, which will also be signed by a member of our staff on behalf of your landlord(s). In addition you will be provided with a DVD which will detail the condition of the property as well as any contents or furnishings provided with the letting. This should be checked immediately by you as the tenant(s), upon taking possession of the property. If you consider the schedule to be inaccurate you must notify our office within 10 days of signing for the schedule, following which a member of our staff will arrange to attend at the property with you to verify or otherwise the inaccuracy. The inventory/schedule will be used to verify the condition/contents of the property upon vacation by you and should be kept by you for your own records in a safe place. We will retain a further copy at our office.
  • You will be responsible for the payment of service supplies (gas, water, electric, etc.) unless otherwise notified in writing. On behalf of your Landlord we will normally write to the existing service providers notifying them of the meter readings when you moved in to the property. If you wish to change supplier, please notify us as Agents or your Landlord of who the new supplier is.
  • In addition, it will be your responsibility to keep the property in a clean and tidy condition, including paths, drives and gardens and any fittings included in the letting. The landlord or Leonards will keep an up to date Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, a copy of which will be provided to you. A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate on any electrical appliances may also be provided as part of the letting. Annual Gas safety checks will remain the responsibility of the Landlord or Leonards and arrangements will be made with you for contractors to call at the property to undertake such checks.
  • Should you wish to make any additions or undertake any alterations to the property, however small or insignificant, you must consult with us if the property is managed by our agency, or your Landlord. Any unauthorised changes may result in none return of your full security deposit at the end of the term or a claim been made against you to rectify the problem.
  • We or your Landlord will wish to undertake periodic inspections of the property. Advance notification of these visits will be given. Any breaches of the agreement will be pointed out to you with a request to rectify these matters. Failure to do so may result in an order for possession of the property being issued and a claim for costs made against you.
  • Your tenancy will not automatically end at the end of the term. If you decide you wish to vacate the property, a written notice will be required, on or before one month of the expiry (term) date of the tenancy agreement. The tenancy may be allowed to continue on the same terms as a Statutory Periodic Tenancy or you will be asked to enter into a further agreement.
  • At this time the Landlord or Leonards would reserve the right to review the level of rent and vary the terms of the existing or any new agreement.
  • Should the Landlord require possession of the property at the end of the term or if the agreement is allowed to continue on the same terms as a Statutory Periodic Tenancy a written notice will be served upon you, on or before two months of the expiry (term) date of the tenancy agreement.
  • If the property is managed under Leonards Agency, upon receipt, or your Landlord issuing a notice to quit the property we will write to you acknowledging the notice and detailing the procedure prior to the date of vacation.
  • The property should be left in a clean and tidy condition, the windows, cooker and any other white goods provided in the property should be clean. The lawns should have been cut (dependent upon season) and the gardens, paths and drives should be free from weeds.
  • If any part of the rent is in arrears for more than 21 days, whether formally demanded or not or there is any breach in of your obligations as tenant(s) under the lease the Landlord or us as his authorised agent may re-enter the premises and thereupon the tenancy created by the lease will determine, but without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of the Landlord.
  • Prior to you vacating the property arrangements will be made with you to undertake a final inspection following vacation or the property being cleared.  You will be asked to be present at this time and after checking the condition of the property and any contents and fittings arrangements will made for returning the security deposit, providing there are no matters in the opinion of the Landlord or Leonards, which require rectification. You will be asked to sign our copy of the Check Out Inventory/Schedule acknowledging the check out procedure has been completed. If your tenancy commenced after 1st April 2007 and you dispute any matters which in the opinion of your Landlord or Leonards which require rectification and will be paid for from your security deposit, you can instigate a procedure to appeal on this decision as laid out in The Tenancy Deposit Protection Prescribed Information (Housing Act 2004) document completed at the commencement of the tenancy. Following the above procedure, you will need to make arrangements with your landlord or to call at our office to collect your security deposit or any balance after agreed necessary retentions, unless we already have your bank account details in which case your deposit will be transferred to your bank by BACS.
  • You may have been provided through our office with details of insurers who specialise in providing tenants contents insurance and if you would be interested in completing an application or require further information please make contact with our office.
  • Utility service meter readings will also be taken at this time. It will be your responsibility as the occupant to notify service providers that you are vacating the property and for settlement of utility bills. We or the landlord may require proof that these bills have been settled prior to release of the dilapidation deposit. You should also provide us with details of service suppliers to the property, if these have been changed by you during the course of your occupancy.
  • You will also need to make arrangements with the Post Office for the redirection of mail to your forwarding address. We cannot guarantee that any mail which is posted to the property after the property has been vacated will be forwarded on to you. You will also need to provide details of your forwarding address in a format which can be verified by a member of our staff.

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