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Suitable for the busy Landlord or perhaps a first time property investor wanting peace of mind that their investment is in safe hands with a complete and comprehensive property management service.

Rental Assessment

  • Visit your property and give you advice on the level of monthly rent you can expect and the type of tenancy suitable for your particular property, as well as an overview of the legal commitment you are making by renting your property.
  • Provide you with advice on any action you may need to take before letting the property. This includes any recommended repairs and matters in relation to current Health and Safety Law that need to be addressed to put the property into a fit state before letting.
  • Explain to you the requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on your property.
  • Explain your rights and responsibilities and the tenant’s rights and responsibilities including Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation.
  • Give you advice on what action to take if the property is mortgaged.
  • Give you advice on insuring the building and contents. We would also offer you other insurance schemes to protect your interests, which are not normally covered in a standard household policy (Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses cover, buildings and contents etc.)
  • Provide you with a written Agency Agreement detailing our terms and charges.

Marketing & Preparation

  • Produce letting particulars and agree marketing strategy, through local advertising, displays, tenant data base, internet websites and localised employers.
  • Accompany prospective new tenants to view unoccupied properties.
  • Taking up references or where appropriate checking the tenants past rent payment record through a recognised credit agency and advising on suitability of tenant.
  • Arrange (if required) for safety checks on gas and electrical services and appliances and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Tenancy Agreements

  • Complete an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (min. six month term) taking one months advance rental and a security deposit, equivalent to at least one months rent (or subject to scale above one months rent).
  • Completion of Tenancy Deposit Protection and registration of deposit with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), unless you as a landlord are registered with your own Government Approved Scheme (see scale charges).
  • Prepare Inventory and Schedule of Condition (usually in DVD format) for the tenants to sign upon taking up occupancy.
  • Retain all tenancy related documentation and pay over to you the first months rent less our management fee, charges, expenses and VAT thereon whilst retaining the security deposit (unless registered as above).
  • Transfer Council Tax and utility bills for which the tenant will be responsible into the tenant’s name (excluding telephone company).

Day to Day Management

  • Collect rent and pass it on to you every month by Bank transfer or as otherwise agreed again less commission, any repair costs and VAT showing on a statement of account. As agent we will keep a separate none interest bearing client’s account to hold all money and belong to a client money protection scheme.
  • Visit the property periodically during the course of the tenancy to check that it is being suitably looked after. The first inspection would be carried out after three months from commencement of the tenancy and then bi-annually thereafter.
  • Consult with you and arrange to have routine maintenance work carried out on the property, up to a limit agreed with you.
  • Respond promptly to any of the tenant’s concerns whilst in occupation of the property and liaise between Landlord and Tenant when so required.
  • Keep an eye on the rent payment record and take reasonable steps to prompt payment of any money outstanding.
  • Issue two warning notices in writing if rental arrears problems occur or tenant breaks terms of tenancy agreement.
  • If rental arrears remain outstanding or the tenant has not rectified their obligations under the lease, issue Termination Notice seeking Possession of Property.

Tenancy End

  • Serve the correct notices on the tenant if you wish to regain possession of the property.
  • Ensure the tenant(s) serves the correct period of notice should the tenant(s) wish to terminate the agreement.
  • Write acknowledging the notice and detail to the tenants their responsibilities upon vacating under the lease agreement.
  • A stringent check-out procedure will be undertaken at the end of every tenancy, and subject to an initial inventory being carried out we will check the condition in accordance with the check-in document.
  • Receive keys from the tenant and obtain forwarding addresses.
  • Guide you through and undertake on your behalf the process of any dispute arising should the tenant not agree to the deduction from their deposit for any rental arrears or repairs.


  • Once the tenancy comes to an end (and any dispute settled) we would be happy to commence marketing to re-let the property, where upon a new market rent assessment will be given.

Please contact our office(s) for further details in relation to our current scale of letting charges and terms of engagement

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